Brand New Me

Album: Flood (2014)

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Song: Flood (The Retuses cover)

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Brand New Me is a modern rock band from Moscow, RU with a strong 90s influence; debut album "Same Old Stories" out soon; featuring guest appearences from current and former members of Evanescence, Tantric, Living Sacrifice, We Are the Fallen, Forty Foot Echo and Future Leaders of the World

In 2014 Brand New Me released a guitar driven cover of a folk hit "Flood" by band's long time friends The Retuses, produced by former Evanescence guitar player John LeCompt, wich also featured Tantric violinist Marcus Ratzenboeck, Evanescence etc drummer Rocky Gray and Memphis based singer Phil Taylor on back vocals.
BNM followed it up with a heartfelt acoustic ballad "The Lighter", produced by Canadian singer Murray Yates, best known for his One Tree Hill soundtrack appearances.

In 2016 Brand New Me released first official single from their upcoming debut 'Same Old Stories', called "So Unclear", wich was once again produced by John LeCompt. It will be released as a part of a free compilaton album distributed in USA, UK, Europe and Russia.